As a 90s pre-teen who was really into Star Trek, I bought this domain with a friend to make an online game. That idea didn’t go too far, but it planted the seed for my eventual career in software development. Several years later, in 2006, I became a grown-up professional code writing guy that got paid real money to move bits around on computer screens.

I still move the bits around the screen (and in the memory, and on the network). I’m pretty good at it now! I also dabble in graphic design—for example, these pixels you are looking at right now.

My current focuses include general-purpose compiled languages, computer security, and x86 reverse engineering. In the past I have worked extensively on Web standards, UX design, database design, application architecture, and performance & security analysis.

I’ve been invited onto the teams of various open source projects that aren’t my own, including:

I’ve also made code contributions to these other fine open source products:

I was elected to the board of the Dojo Foundation in 2014, and facilitated a successful merger between the Dojo Foundation and jQuery Foundation in late 2015, which culminated in the creation of the JS Foundation.

So, you see, you can probably trust everything that I say.

Things I’ve created

I’ve written a lot of software, some of which is open source, including:

I also started one of the now-largest retrocomputing communities, VOGONS, in 2002.

Where I am