About me

I am
  • Colin Snover
  • a software engineer
  • naturally curious
  • a mentor
  • an EarthBound fan
  • a UI designer
  • a chief architect
  • a server administrator
  • a typography nerd
  • a problem solver
  • a citizen scientist
  • a copywriter
  • a code auditor
  • a release manager
  • an imperfect human
  • always improving

Oh, hi ho! I’m a specialising generalist with a background in open-source software development. I believe in making things secure, usable, and accessible by default. I like to work in humble teams on projects that ease suffering and create joy.

Things I’ve done


Zetafleet (2008 edition!)

In 15 years of helping humans write better software, I’ve handled almost every facet of application development—from high-level systems architecture all the way down to hacking machine code by hand. I’ve written production code in twelve languages, and I’ve been lucky to lead and learn from some exceptional people.


I created one of the first and now-largest online forums dedicated to documenting and preserving early computer software and hardware. I also reverse code engineered Sierra’s Creative Interpreter (an important early computer game engine) and undocumented portions of the Indeo 4 video codec.

Tools for

I’ve worked on open web tech since 2010. I’ve been on the jQuery Core and Dojo Toolkit teams, and I was elected to the Dojo Foundation (now JS Foundation) board. I created Intern, Leadfoot, and Dig Dug, and I’ve contributed to over a dozen other OSS projects.

Electronic mail